Sarah Breymeier
If you have downtown during a meeting… guess what, no more! From now on when you are not busy selling and schmoozing, you are going to utilize the time to showcase your products in a way that you can’t when you’re at home!
When you’re at a meeting you have all of your products laid out in a perfect row; this is a fantastic opportunity to go through each product and perform a sales pitch in front of your camera phone. This content will serve as an awesome sales tool to help you provide product demos and quick elevator pitches when you’re back at the office and looking for content to help you close a sale or share on social media!
The next time you have downtime at a meeting, take out each product and record a 30-60 second elevator pitch for each and every product.
Next, video tape the ins-and-outs of each product. Later, you can use some easy editing tools to add text to your video to highlight the product specifications and detail all the features and benefits.
Another challenge – GET TESTIMONIALS!
It’s pretty common for your current customers to visit your booth and if they’re not there to shop, they will usually sing your praises. Get it on camera! Ask your current customers to take a quick minute to hold the the products they use and describe how they use them in their office for their patient conditions. This is social media gold!
So just remember… there’s no such thing as downtime! Make use of your unique environment and milk the time for all its worth!