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3D Scanning System

Cast for custom orthotics and custom AFO braces in seconds with our state of the art system.

Developed exclusively for podiatrists, our FREE software is easier, more powerful, and more accurate than any option available.

Don't believe us? Let us make you a free pair.

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Or download our free app on the apple app store. Just search Forward Motion Medical

Forward Motion Medical

Our purpose is to provide you with the very best custom orthotics & custom braces for every patient.

(435) 251-8506

Custom Orthotics Hand Made from Start to Finish

Made from the highest quality material in the market, we take pride in every device that leaves our lab.

  • 7 Business day manufacturing + 2 day shipping time.
  • Completely customizable with no added costs.
  • All materials upgrades are free, including our graphite shells.
  • Multiple C.PED on staff available for any consultations.
  • Complete refurbishments only $35.

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Custom AFO Braces

Completely custom bracing from the ground up. We actually press every device over the mold twice. Once for the UCBL bottom and again for the uprights, resulting in a better fitting brace with often zero required adjustments.

With nearly 20 different brace types and a catalog of materials and accommodations, we can provide comfort and support to any patient.

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JM Prefab Orthotics

We are offering a show special discount for all the JM products you know and love.

We have options for any lifestyle from active performance & daily use insoles, to diabetic & extreme accommodative devices.

We even have heat moldable shells that can easily be custom fitted in the comfort of your own office.

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