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Gordon Laboratories

Gordon Laboratories, the first name in podiatric skin care for generations. The leading manufacturer of topical pharmaceuticals for podiatry, spanning six decades.

Gordon Laboratories extensive product line includes treatments for all types of skin conditions.

Gordon Laboratories quality products are for physician use in the office and patient use between office visits. All of our products are made in the U.S.A.

Your Complete In-Office Dispensing Source

If you are thinking about in-office dispensing, see how easy it is to get started with our wide selection of topicals, affordable pricing, and unconditional guarantee.

Our podiatric suppliers provide your office and patients with:

  • Antifungals

  • Antiperspirants

  • Astringents

  • Drying Agents

  • Moisturizers

  • Wart Removers

  • And More!

Gormel Creme: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.

Urea is known for its hydration and keratolytic properties. Gormel Creme - with 20% Urea and a blend of rich emollients - moisturizes, exfoliates, and softens the skin. Gormel prevents and controls the painful cracked skin that can form on heels, and restores the skin to a healthy, radiant look.

Often imitated, never duplicated, Gormel Creme is the standard by which other Urea creams are measured.

Feet Relief: Point of Purchase Display

The display shows some of our topicals for the most common foot conditions.   This is a way to get started dispensing products for patient comfort in between office visits!  The Feet Relief Headquarters POP Display includes:

  • Gordon's No. Five (spray foot powder)

  • Bromi-Talc Plus (bromidosis powder)

  • Bromi-Lotion (antiperspirant lotion)

  • Mycomist (deodorant spray)

  • Gordochom (topical antifungal)

  • Aloe Grande Creme (vitamin-enriched skin creme)

  • Gormel Creme (20% urea)

Gordonchom: Point of Purchase Dispaly

Gordochom, our premier antifungal, is now packaged in 12  individually boxed bottles in a convenient mini-display.

Trusted Gordon Laboratories Partners

You can purchase Gordon Labs top quality products from your favorite industry distributors:

  • Chicago Medical Supply

  • Gill Podiatry

  • Henry Schein

  • Krasity's Medical & Surgical Supply

  • McKesson

  • Medline

Featured Products

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