Repeated Exposure – Proof of Concept | May 2023

We have all heard that it takes varied, repeated exposure of something before it resonates with the audience. We've written about this before... click here Earlier this year I got to see this repeated exposure concept in action. I think of our sales strategy for selling sponsorships and advertising a [...]

Our Favorite Design Tools for Marketers

Last year, we hosted an event for physicians called PodiatryExpo. During the Expo, one of the segments was a 3-part series, "No Experience Marketing." One of the things we talked about was our favorite design tools that are super user-friendly. In this video, we show you why we use these [...]

Exhibitor Workshop Recap | May 2023

Back in February at the FPMA SAM conference, we hosted an Experienced Exhibitor Workshop in the Exhibit Hall. We had a blast doing this and hope you got something out of it! We talked about many different things but our focus was how to choose the meetings to exhibit [...]

Make Your Program Ads More Effective | Nov 2022

At all the conferences I’ve attended in 2022, I’ve made a point to take a good look at the program provided to attendees. One of the things I’ve been paying attention to is the ads companies place. We know these ads are not free, and in fact, many cost a [...]

A word about booth display design

Ann Dosen Sarah and I have spoken with many companies recently that are redesigning their exhibit hall display. This is a great way to shake things up and test new concepts. Plus - a new setup and graphics will grab the attention of attendees in the exhibit hall. Here are [...]

Hosting a Conference “Add-On” Event | SAM2022 Recap | Feb. 2022

Hosting a Conference "Add-On" Event | SAM2022 Recap | Feb. 2022 SAM 2022 offered a new opportunity for exhibitors – Innovation Theaters. These were 30-minute sessions held inside the exhibit hall throughout the day during exhibit hall hours. Most were even scheduled during lectures. Ultimately, the time allowed a specialized [...]

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