Hosting a Conference “Add-On” Event | SAM2022 Recap | Feb. 2022

Hosting a Conference "Add-On" Event | SAM2022 Recap | Feb. 2022 SAM 2022 offered a new opportunity for exhibitors – Innovation Theaters. These were 30-minute sessions held inside the exhibit hall throughout the day during exhibit hall hours. Most were even scheduled during lectures. Ultimately, the time allowed a specialized [...]

Mindset Buzz | 2022 is coming… are you ready? | Dec. 2021

Mindset Buzz | 2022 is coming... are you ready? | Dec. 2021 Article written by Ann Dosen I don’t know about you, but I am so sick of New Years Resolutions. To me, making a resolution feels like yet another task I must check off my list that means absolutely [...]

Sales & Marketing Buzz | Dec. 2021 | Show Specials Are Out

Sales & Marketing Buzz | Dec. 2021 | Show Specials Are Out Article written by Ann Dosen Show specials no longer drive traffic to booths – attendees expect them – so what can you try in 2022 to get attention? It’s true. Attendees know most companies will be offering some [...]

Logistics & Statistics Buzz | Trim the Fat | Nov. 2021

Article written by Ann Dosen We’re entering a new era for trade shows, aren’t we? When all conferences were cancelled not too long ago, we panicked. Our sales plummeted. Then, as the industry and the world adjusted, our sales came back up, slowly but surely. Now, most companies I talk [...]

Sales & Marketing Buzz | The Magic Marketing Formula | Nov. 2021

Article written by Ann Dosen You would not believe the number of times I have had this conversation over the last two weeks. Perhaps it’s because I’m in the middle of pitching our revamped super fancy Corporate Sponsorship program (more details on that below). I suppose this is where I tell you [...]

Travel Buzz | April 2021

If you had flight credits from cancelled travel in 2020, be sure to check the expiration of the credits. Many airlines extended the date but there may be some action required on your part. For example, I had a flight booked through Orbitz on Delta and I had to go [...]

Logistics Buzz and Vendor Download | April 2021

Finally, we’re looking at a return of trade shows and conferences, many are 100% in-person. It’s been a while since you have planned to exhibit live. I live and die by checklists for planning and packing. Now is the time to review your planning and packing processes to ensure everything [...]

How Synergistic are your Sales and Marketing Team Members? | April 2021

We are all well understanding that conferences are the perfect combination of sales and marketing. Often I get the question, "what's the difference between sales and marketing." I always answer with this... It's similar to leading a horse to water... marketing leads the horse to water, and the sales representative [...]

Mindset Buzz | April 2021

Over the course of the last year, we have been forced to learn new ways of doing business; and conferences have been one of the biggest adjustments. As someone who prides herself on continual growth and learning, preaching the necessity to adapt and survive has been relatively natural for me. [...]

Travel Buzz | March 2021

Because it's been so long since we've been able to go and do much traveling, we (Ann and Sarah) haven't provided any recent Travel Tips in our monthly newsletter - but that doesn't mean the old tips aren't still useful! CHECK OUT OUR TRAVEL TIPS PAGE HERE. If you [...]

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