Sales & Marketing Buzz | Dec. 2021 | Show Specials Are Out

Article written by Ann Dosen

Show specials no longer drive traffic to booths – attendees expect them – so what can you try in 2022 to get attention?

It’s true. Attendees know most companies will be offering some type of sale or promotion at conferences. What now?

The key to attracting visitors to your booth is your pre-show marketing. Whether you prefer to call, fax, email, or send a postcard to attendees, you have to reach out to them before they head to the conference. And not just once, you should be sharing your message with them multiple times prior to the show. Tell them about your show special, invite them to a special activity such as an appreciation event, give them a sneak peek of something new and fun you are showcasing at your booth (featured product or a game)… anything that will get their attention and make them add your booth to their list of things to do while there.

Very much echoing my Tip for Exhibitors from our recent Newsletter, you must communicate with attendees several times, in various ways, before the conference to ensure they come see you. Schedule a few emails, make some phone calls, and send a postcard or two.

We’ve said it before, you cannot rely on the meeting organizers to push people to your individual booth. You need to take responsibility for your success.

In 2022, what steps will you take to ensure you are successful at your shows?