Looking back at the last several conferences you’ve attended, I’m sure there have been some unique moments where you think, “Wow! That’s brilliant… I am going to start implementing this in my practice right away!”
And then it sits… and sits… and sits…
We’re all familiar with the concept of, “a great idea means nothing if you don’t act on it.” It’s so easy to get swallowed up by the day-to-day activities and responsibilities that we often don’t ever get to the new and exciting ideas that are presented to us during the conferences and events we attend. It’s dreadfully common to have grand plans that never come to fruition.
What can we say? Honestly… it just takes some pure and simple discipline. If you REALLY want to make those changes and enhancements to your practice – you’re gonna have to do some uncomfortable things for the short term. Like what?
First – get your plan. Download our post-meeting action plan and USE IT!
Second – carve out some time to get this done; time is something you tell yourself you don’t have – but you do. You just have to adjust something else that’s standing in the way of your time. Or it could be getting to the office an hour earlier for a temporary amount of time to knock this out… or staying an hour later. I know. It’s uncomfortable. All change is. This is why they’re called GROWING PAINS.
Third – put the plan to work! And guess what? The hard part is over. You got through the discomfort and now it’s just a part of your process.
Listen to this PodCast that inspired this blog. It has lit a fire under my booty… and I’m confident it will impact your thought process as well!
Impact Theory with Mel Robbins
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