The FABI nugget this month is focused on team. Everyone wants a healthy culture and high-performing team but how do you get there? In this video, I share 5-Key Metrics of a High-Performing Team and go deeper on three of them.
The 5-Key Metrics are:
1. Relationship
2. Communication
3. Alignment
4. Execution
5. Capacity
Most business owners, including myself for some time, make the mistake of starting with strategy and execution. Unless relationships and communication are prioritized first, execution will always falter. This always starts with the leader or leaders of the company. It doesn’t take much time but it does take intentionality to show you authentically care about the people around you.
Championship teams have figured out the key ingredients to getting to the top. Quality talent is important, but not enough. Getting everyone on the team to really care about each other and do what is expected of them can go a long way towards having a team perform at a high level. Successful teams prioritize connection and communication.
If you don’t feel like your team is performing to the level you expect, consider taking some action on this nugget and you are sure to see some good things happen.
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