The #1 Leading Cause of Disgruntled Exhibitors

I know we have said this before but we are saying it again because it is, by far, the #1 leading cause of disgruntled exhibitors. No, it’s not the food (although that’s important!). Please, I beg of you, do not inflate your attendee numbers by adding staff and speakers to [...]

Using the Languages of Appreciation to Motivate Your Team

Dr. Paula Rivadeneira was one of our speakers at the 2022 PodiatryExpo. She presented on understanding the "languages of appreciation", also known as the "5 love languages" to show your team members they are appreciated in a way that resonates with them. Watch the recording of her presentation to learn [...]

A word about booth display design

Ann Dosen Sarah and I have spoken with many companies recently that are redesigning their exhibit hall display. This is a great way to shake things up and test new concepts. Plus - a new setup and graphics will grab the attention of attendees in the exhibit hall. Here are [...]

Stop Wasting Money Keeping Up With the Joneses

Ann Dosen During this round of Experienced Exhibitor Mastermind sessions, one of the questions we asked was, "When deciding which shows to go to for the year, do you consider whether your competition will be there?" I'm happy to report that the companies we spoke with this time all said [...]

Alternatives for “Show Specials”

Ann Dosen Does everyone keep asking for a "show special" and your company doesn't offer one because of compliance or another reason? If you can't offer a show special, here are a few ideas you can offer to DPMs at the show. Offer a supplement or resource as added value [...]

CHECK THIS OUT: A podcast I just discovered

Ann Dosen You know I love podcasts. I recently found a new one I've been listening to non-stop... “The Art of Online Business” hosted by Rick Mulready. I understand most businesses are product or service based but we all have an online presence and should be working toward improving the [...]

Room Blocks

Ann Dosen Have you ever wondered why conferences ask you to book in the room block at the conference hotel? When a conference is held at a hotel, their contract is mostly based around the number of rooms they will book for the event - that's how the hotel makes [...]

READ THIS: The One Thing by Gary Keller

Ann Dosen Lately, I've been feeling overwhelmed. Can you relate? I recently finished the book The One Thing and it has helped me get a handle on my schedule and my perspective. The book is about the value of simplifying your workload by focusing on the one most important task [...]

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