By Dr. Alan L. Bass, DPM THIS is Why You Don’t Need to Use the Same Old Thing! Either you are a seasoned practitioner who has been successfully treating patients and getting good results or you are new in practice and have been trained by some of the best [...]

UVC Light Shoe Disinfection Gets Another Boost – PediFix® Acquires SteriShoe®

Increasingly the Standard of Care in Fungal Treatment Protocols Markinson Encourages Use to Limit Recurrence Complementing its popular ShoeZap® 15 Minute UV Shoe Sanitizer, the PediFix Footcare Company announces its acquisition of key assets of Shoe Care Innovations, Inc. – developers of SteriShoe®. “SteriShoe pioneered the concept of using [...]

What Is the Best Way to Treat Your Patient’s Pain?

By Dr. Alan L. Bass, DPM I know the question posed above seems like an easy one for most reading this. It seems like all the physician needs to do is take a simple approach. Prescribe a painkiller of course, or at least prescribe a medication or something that [...]

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