Exhibitor Outlook Recap

EXHIBITOR Magazine's 2023 Economic Outlook Survey published some interesting data recently. CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE ARTICLE The graphs I found to be particularly interesting are... Spending on Marketing Channels Top 3 Highest INCREASE Percentage: E-marketing, Online Advertising, Webinars/Podcasts Top 3 Highest DECREASE Percentage: Print Advertising, [Conference] Sponsorships, Virtual Trade Shows [...]

Room Blocks

Ann Dosen Have you ever wondered why conferences ask you to book in the room block at the conference hotel? When a conference is held at a hotel, their contract is mostly based around the number of rooms they will book for the event - that's how the hotel makes [...]

Did you know?

Which state has the highest number of podiatrists? If you guessed Florida, you're right! When considering your next target area for new customers or new conferences, take a look at the breakdown of podiatrists by state for some interesting insight.

Stats Buzz – Poll Results

Last month, we asked you and your peers how many podiatry conferences do you plan on exhibiting at in person during 2022? Curious about what everyone else is doing? Here are the results... 25% of podiatric exhibitors plan to go to 25-50 shows in 2022 25% of podiatric exhibitors plan [...]

Logistics & Statistics Buzz | Trim the Fat | Nov. 2021

Article written by Ann Dosen We’re entering a new era for trade shows, aren’t we? When all conferences were cancelled not too long ago, we panicked. Our sales plummeted. Then, as the industry and the world adjusted, our sales came back up, slowly but surely. Now, most companies I talk [...]

Logistics Buzz and Vendor Download | April 2021

Finally, we’re looking at a return of trade shows and conferences, many are 100% in-person. It’s been a while since you have planned to exhibit live. I live and die by checklists for planning and packing. Now is the time to review your planning and packing processes to ensure everything [...]

Processes and Protocols | March 2021

Over the last year we've made the transition from putting sales reps on planes to visit DPMs across the country at different events, to placing them in front of their computer screen to address leads as they come through virtually. It may seem more difficult to determine how to [...]

Metrics from Virtual Events | February 2021

We recently had the opportunity to design and implement the Virtual Exhibit Hall for the Florida Podiatric Medical Association’s SAM2021 conference. After the event, we took some time to review all data from the event, including how the number of average leads per company was impacted by a few [...]

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