Over the last year we’ve made the transition from putting sales reps on planes to visit DPMs across the country at different events, to placing them in front of their computer screen to address leads as they come through virtually.
It may seem more difficult to determine how to staff the booth for an on-site show, but as we all have different technical abilities, the staffing of virtual shows has become a serious part of event planning and success.
While it could simply come down to sales regions and those assigned to those locations, take some time to consider all of the other components of a working virtual booth like the chat features and inbound lead forms via email.
Make sure to set protocols of who is responding to chats, leads, and when. Also keep in mind that if sales leads are going to be passed on to another team member, how much time that could take and whether or not it could turn a hot lead into a mild or cold lead.
Consider things like how will your team communicate, how long will it take a lead to forward, who is receiving the leads? What is the process once you receive a lead both immediately and in the future for long term marketing and sales goals.
Virtual is about immediacy and efficiency. So ensure your processes are as well!