Creating new ways for sponsors to generate stronger awareness at your meeting can be a huge challenge! Sometimes it may seem like all the ideas have been tried, right?!
We’re still going to give it a shot, though!! Maybe circling back to some ideas you had previously can generate new life, or you may think of something that wouldn’t have worked previously, but may have the potential today!
Consider throwing out the old sponsorship packages and try something new. Here are some ideas:
  • Offer only ala carte options. List each benefit individually with it’s own price tag and let your vendors create a package that fits their budget and marketing goals.
  • Create packages that offer both branding and something tangible. For example: specialty signage and other visibility plus special event tickets (they can give away or use for themselves).
  • Offer a virtual sponsorship for companies that are unable to exhibit due to their schedule and staffing or budget reasons. A virtual sponsorship can include signage and logo listing in various places, a promo item or handout in the welcome bag, and an email shoutout in your pre-conference marketing. Use the message, “Can’t exhibit but still want to have a presence?”
  • Redesign your sponsorship packages to suit your vendor’s goals. Consider a “Brand Visibility Package” focused on creative signage and logo displays, or a “Tech Lover’s Package” with charging stations and branded promo items, or a “Presentation Opportunity Package” with a sponsor message during a meal time, or a “Social Media Package” with a live social media wall, hashtag, promotion on social media and email marketing… You get the idea.
Bottom line… eliminate the thought “We’ve always done it this way” and start getting creative! Be sure your sponsorships offer both value and awareness.