With many meetings moving to the online space in light of our current situation, you may be considering converting to a virtual meeting rather than cancelling outright.
Virtual meetings are a wonderful resource and learning activity, but I have one small tip for meeting planners, especially if this is your first time hosting a full scale educational meeting online. Record your sessions in advance.
If this is your first time streaming lecture content, whether a single webinar or a full scale event, do not attempt to live broadcast every lecture.
I suggest recording your main sessions in advance or have each speaker submit their recordings by a certain date. You can review and edit, then make them live at specific times during the actual meeting dates.
Another way to promote engagement is to have each speaker log in at a specific time, at the tail of their pre-recorded lecture, and host a live Q&A available for attendees. This is also when you can take attendance for CME purposes.
Additionally, if you plan to offer credit for your virtual sessions, be sure to review the CPME guidelines specific to internet based educational activities. Many requirements are similar, but there are a few nuances you should be aware of.