Reviews are important when making buying decisions for everything from a printer on Amazon to your choice of restaurant for dinner tonight. Keep reading to learn how to boost your rating and why it matters.
There is no escaping the occasional bad review, but with a good amount of positive reviews, they will balance out and give potential attendees and vendors a fair picture of your conference.
It’s basic math.
1.0 + 5.0 = 6.0
Average: 3.0
Think about when you’ve purchased a product. If you have a negative experience, you are more likely to seek out a platform to write a review so the company knows you are dissatisfied and to warn other potential buyers. If you have a positive experience, you likely won’t go through the trouble of writing a review unless it’s super easy or there is something in it for you. Same goes for your attendee writing a review of your seminar. If they hate it, they will find a way to let their voice be heard. If they love it, they may not take the time to tell anyone how great it was.
You need to actively solicit reviews from your attendees. We know that 92% of solicited reviews are positive. Why would you want to miss out on the opportunity to spread the good word about your event?
Having a customer review strategy in place will be an ongoing part of your attendee retention. People feel most confident in a review when the event has a minimum of 11-50 reviews.
Here are some ways to gather reviews to boost your rating and credibility on our site.
  • Send an email to your audience asking them to take a few moments to review your seminar on our site. Include a link to make it super easy.
  • Offer an incentive. Consider a small trinket or entry into a sweepstakes for a larger prize. Work with us to choose a winner based on who completed surveys.
  • Include a request in your on-site program with instructions on how to provide feedback through
  • Mail a postcard
  • Post on social media with a link to the survey
To help you collect positive reviews, we’ve created a downloadable resource with a quick and simple message you can use to ask for reviews.