One of the best feelings when leaving a meeting is feeling inspired to do new and exciting things… you know, having that surge of energy where you feel like you can take on the world!
While DPMs are required to obtain continuing education credits to remain in practice, it’s fair to say that many DPMs are also seeking inspiration to re-ignite their daily patient care and practices. One way you can provide this experience is to consider hiring a motivational speaker for your keynote. Clearly these types of speakers and their presentations will not be providing educational credits, but they could provide that experience that really sets your meeting apart.
Start by finding a speaker that will suit your goals; ask your peers for recommendations or consult a speakers bureau. Think about some events you have attended. Were there any speakers that stood out to you?
We (Ann and Sarah) attended a business conference in 2019 and were lucky enough to see several amazing speakers. The standouts for us at that meeting were Trent Shelton and Brendon Burchard. Google both of them and take a look at the types of presentations they’re providing audiences around the country. Check out their online presence and watch their videos of previous speeches.
You will quickly gain a sense of their unique styles and how they’re able to give thousands of people a new, positive outlook on their lives, businesses and goals. By doing so, you can determine what type of speaker you would like to hire to take your meeting to a new level of excitement and progress.