Pardon us while we get a bit touchy-feely for a moment… but mindset is everything!
We have been on the tradeshow floor at podiatry meetings for over 10 years. Between the both of us, we’ve attended almost every conference available, many multiple times.
What we’re saying is… we get it. We know exactly what it’s like between breaks when the exhibit hall is so quiet you can hear a pin drop and you’re counting down the next two hours until the break. Then, sometimes the break doesn’t deliver quite the swarm of docs throwing their money at you like you imaged they would – bummer.
The long hours and the lack of engagement can often lead to a feeling of disappointment or boredom. Pretty soon you find yourself chatting with your booth neighbor or your fellow exhibitor friend to ;pass the time.
Here’s the key – avoid letting your conversations with fellow exhibitors turn into gripe session.
It is very easy to complain and commiserate while you’re bored at your booth. What you may not realize is that the very act of having or participating in this conversation will spoil the rest of the show for you because of the energy and focus on the negative.
Instead, make an effort to excuse yourself from these types of conversations and spend your time spreading cheer and positivity among each other. You may also benefit from trying to find a solution to the issue you’re having, vs. wallowing in it until the exhibit hall closes.
Definitely try to do something productive during the time! In fact, we wrote a Trick of the Trade for Vendors not too long ago about how to use “dead” time at a conference. Check it out here:
Podiatry is a special industry. Many of the exhibitors see each other and talk to each other throughout the year, in cities across the country. We’ve also referred to those we have relationships with as our vendor family or our “family on the road.”
These relationships are invaluable, but make sure they create a positive impact on your experience.