Provided by Experienced Exhibitor: Nick Adkins, Forward Motion Medical
“With last year behind us, we exhibitors need to be prepared for conferences that are ahead. Because of the uncertainty the coronavirus has forced us all face this past year, trade shows have become even more intimidating than they ever have.
There is one big step that may help your exhibitor experience. Be sure to always incentivize your target audience in order to drive traffic to your booth. Before trade shows, that was as simple as putting up a display, or even a bowl of candy at your physical booth, but now that we have to deal with virtual booths things have changed. Hopefully the virtual event has set up incentives that also help drive traffic to your virtual booth, however many virtual portals are little more than an email with more steps.
Needless to say, it is important that your company finds an appropriate way to incentivize your audience. Some ways to incentivize could be a sale special that can only be taken advantage of during the trade show. Another way to incentivize would be to set up prizes for the potentials who do interact with your booth.
You must be wondering, how do we inform our target audience of the incentives. That can be as simple as posting it on social media, or as complex as sending out a physical mailer to the offices of your audience.
Although we do not know whether this next year will be better or worse, we now have the experience to face the worst.”