Finally, we are seeing a cautious return to in-person events. Yes, they may be hybrid (both an on-site aspect with virtual), but that means we are on the brink of more events where we will all be face-to-face again! Given, the forecast, now is the time to dust off your exhibit materials and ensure everything is on-site show-ready.
So, unpack and set up all your booth materials and clean, iron, replace broken pieces and update all your brochures and flyers. If you’ve been considering new exhibit elements such as a new backdrop, tablecloth or technology stand, get started designing and ordering now so it’s all ready to go for your big debut.
In addition to reimagining your booth design, you probably have a completely new budget for exhibiting. Review your previous year’s budgets for exhibiting and refresh your goals. We’ve heard from many exhibitors that they will be drastically reducing their participation in trade shows in the future. If this is you, be sure your budget plan reflects that and all of your spreadsheets are aligned. Meet with your sales team and ensure everyone is on the same page.
Earlier this year I had the opportunity to chat with an exhibitor about what draws attention to a booth. In my experience, a clean booth with your logo/company name clearly visible and very little other wording on the display, is the most important attractor. I hate when I’m walking around an exhibit hall and can’t figure out who’s booth it is because their company name isn’t highly visible. If you have a new product, putting it on a pedestal of some sort, front and center is probably your best move. If there are no new products, you will need to rethink your most popular products. Think of a new display, new verbiage, maybe new colors… anything that looks fresh. Finally, the sales rep is an attractor.
We know that familiar faces draw people in. Perhaps consider pushing your booth display back further into the space and standing in front of the display, rather than behind the table.