If you read this month’s DPM and/or Vendor “Tricks of the Trade”, you will catch that the theme for this month’s newsletter is to work ON your business vs. IN your business. For meeting planners, specifically, this one is especially tough because so much of your event is simply getting it done.
However, while meetings are task-oriented (and there are a million tasks), I think it’s fair to say sometimes we are guilty of copying/pasting versus allocating the time to work on the elements of progress we know we need.
But again, where do we start? Let’s start with a shortlist of tasks you can complete to improve your event(s).
  • Review your previous meeting evaluations and segment them into areas of improvement for the
    • Immediate
    • 3-6 Months
    • 1-2 Years
    • 3-5 Years
  • Create a working document of the industry’s “key opinion leaders” to have on file for the possibility of future speakers
  • Evaluate your meeting website
  • Evaluate the areas that seem to be “a given” and the areas that could possibly generate new revenue
  • Determine if you should incorporate some “hands on” experience at your meeting and/or some round table discussion to mix up your lecture series
  • Evaluate where you can create partnerships with other organizations/meetings for improved track presentations
  • Finally, in April we put together a marketing implementation timetable. Review it again and start utilizing it to market your next meeting! Click here to see that blog/article again
There are so many moving parts during a meeting, but one of the things we’ve noticed through the years is that a lot of meetings tend to stay stagnant. Sometimes it’s good to know what to expect, but we also want to bring new energy, right?
With all of the tasks and stress of putting on a successful meeting, we have to consider the elements to create progress; and we are here to help!