Ann Dosen
Have you paid way too much money to sponsor a speaker at a conference or virtually? If so, you know the challenges you face to put “butts in seats” or get attendees to actually show up live online.
Sarah and I host sponsored webinar sessions almost every week through our Practice Partner Academy. These are always non-CECH. I was afraid that our audience would begin to lose interest because we offer sessions so often and because they are sponsored webinars that are at risk of being too commercial. However, with our marketing strategy and coaching sessions with our presenters, it seems we’re well on our way to figuring out the perfect recipe.
One of the most important elements is the speaker. Attendees, both on-site at conferences, and online via a webinar, have lots of options when it comes to engaging with sponsored content. I have learned that you absolutely must work closely with your speaker and coach them on ways to deliver a value-packed, engaging presentation, especially for online sessions.
If you’re investing dollars, make sure you also invest the time to work closely with your presenter. Assist them in the development of the presentation slides, take the time to schedule a practice session, and provide them with the tools and resources (product samples, images, verbiage).
Other elements:
  • Marketing plan
  • Title, topic
  • FOMO/Incentive
  • Call it something else – not a webinar