With no travel we have become very accustomed to local life. So – how are you using this time we’ve been given?
Are you making the most of it and choosing to see the positive side of each day, or are you “grinning and bearing” until our lives go back to the way they used to be? Will they go back to the way they used to be? Nobody is certain… but we continue to adapt!!
While we’re all saving dollars not traveling, it’s fair to assume that trade show revenue is not near the levels as you’re accustomed to. This leaves you with the challenge to stimulate sales in different ways. Enter online marketing! Yes, something that’s been available for a very long time… but hasn’t been as necessary in our profession as it is right now.
So how do you know which online marketing opportunities are actually paying off for you? We encourage you to strongly evaluate where you are spending your marketing dollars and rank them according to what is working. If it’s not paying off, cut it out – or figure out WHY it’s not working and see if making some tweaks will help your performance.
Recently we sent out some information on creating landing pages to improve your campaigns. This is just one example of how you can improve upon what you’ve already got in the works.
There are also great resources to check out. We recommend ExhibitorOnline.com. They also have a print magazine that you can sign up for and receive for free. It’s packed with ideas on how to maximize the money you spend on your trade show exhibit, plus sales training, goal setting, and more.
Don’t forget about some of our helpful tools from newsletters-past!
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