Over the years we’ve been to all sorts of cities and hotels for meetings; i.e. large cities like Vegas, Chicago, NYC, Washington D.C. There have also been smaller cities that don’t pack as much of a tourist punch.
There are a lot of items to consider when putting on a meeting, and choosing a destination is a huge one. Often when speaking to DPMs, they tell us that they love the tourist cities because they can basically take a vacation. They can even take their families along. However, we challenge you to consider this – what does a big tourist city do for your vendors?
One of the biggest challenges for vendors is exhibit hall traffic. When a meeting is in a large city with several things to do as a tourist, it’s even harder to compete with the distractions.
So, the point is this… when choosing your next meeting location, take into consideration a smaller city with less to do around the area in an effort to keep all DPMs on site. This will increase the likelihood of interaction between vendors and DPMs; ultimately making the exhibit hall a better experience for your valued vendors.