This month, Ann’s tip for meeting planners got my brain in gear about the same topic. She stated, one of the phrases she and I love to hate is, “we’ve always done it that way.” If you want to see my unfiltered eye roll, that’s one of the phrases you can use in front of me!
This can go in several directions, but we’re talking meetings – so how does this apply? We’ve hit on this concept before with No More Going Through the Motions. This year forced us to change in several ways (i.e. we are all now experts at Zoom and GoToMeeting!)
But like our “No More Going Through the Motions” tip, I want to reinforce the concept that we can’t keep doing what we’ve always done at a meeting and expecting to get more out of it. Learning how to use the tools that allowed us to attend meetings remotely was definitely a change we had to embrace – but now I’m challenging you to make some changes that you determine… not just those that are forced upon you.
So like what? Well, there are several ways to enhance your meeting experience (that you can control), but here is a shortlist of ones that come to mind for me:
Copying/pasting is often an easy way to go when you don’t have time to plan, but actively work on carving some time out to reflect how you’ve experienced meetings in the past few years (with the exception of 2020) and jot down some ways you can embrace changes that you choose,