How many times do you walk around an exhibit hall floor and see the glitz and glamour of other booths? Maybe it’s a huge blimp-like sign above the booth coming from the ceiling… maybe it’s a display with screens and lights built into the walls.
Maybe it’s not the booth at all. Maybe your competitor is hosting a non-CECH lunch… or maybe they have their logo slapped everywhere the eye can see.
When these things happen it’s very easy to get intimated and think – we need to do that too!! However, try to keep it in perspective and always go back to your goals. Just because someone else has a booth the size of most small homes, doesn’t mean that it makes sense for your company – even if you can afford it.
Put your blinders on and walk into the show with confidence and do what you came there to do. If you spend the entire show worrying about what everyone else is doing, the next thing you know the meeting will be over and you didn’t maximize the resources you DO have.
Take a minute to review one of our previous exhibit tip videos: Selecting the Right Sponsorship For You.
This video is specifically focused on the FPMA Annual SAM Conference, however, the tips you will take away will help you to circle back and recall the types of show marketing that is right for you, both within your goals and your budget.
 – Sarah