As you get closer and closer to implementing your educational event, there’s going to be a solid amount of time when you reflect on what you’ve accomplished in years past. When you look back, there are likely some common themes that you always incorporate into your meeting – the aspects that both attendees and exhibitors can depend on and the features that make your event unique.
What usually also happens during the planning season, is observing what everyone else is doing. Which you should! It’s important to be aware of what other meetings are doing in order to better understand key success factors and trends. During this process, though, it can also be easy to go down a dirty road of Conference Envy. You know – looking at another event and potentially feeling inadequate.
Focusing on the elements that aren’t realistic for your particular event will ultimately take time away from your maximize on your event’s unique features. So avoid spending too much time trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole. Go back to your event blueprint and highlight the areas where you excel – and make them even bigger and/or better (as bigger is not always better).
Are you unsure of what your attendees and/or exhibitors look forward to the most at your event? Guess what? Use our handy-dandy survey tool and gather as much feedback as you can. Wrap your arms around what you’re really good at, and do it better than everyone else!