Often I will hear physicians discussing their practices and what they “need” to bring to it in order to feel as if they are staying relevant. In the last few years some of the hot buttons have been everything from regenerative medicine to minimally invasive surgery; and let’s not forget about the all-important, “what will Medicare cover.” These types of topics come up in meetings all the time and it can create a sense of anxiety if you aren’t already on board with new types of procedures, or if you’re not focusing on the conditions that are reimbursing better than others.
I’m certainly not implying that these types of procedures or management strategies aren’t valid, but are they taking you away from your strengths, and/or your focus?
It’s very easy to get caught up in feeling like you have to do something just because everybody else is. But, when you’re feeling overwhelmed or that you are falling behind, be sure to take a minute and think about the type of practice you want to build and the types of patients you want to see. Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean that you have to.
Again, please always take time to seek out new skills and, we even recommend going to a meeting outside of your comfort zone. The main idea here, however, is there are a lot of new and exciting ideas that could take your practice to new heights. Just bite them off one at a time and make sure they align with your vision.
– Sarah