If you follow this newsletter regularly, you will know that one of my favorite books is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen. One of the main points in this text is that even when you experience something, you need to come back to it and do it again… or read it again… or review it again… whatever is relevant.
Why? Because your daily experiences since the first time you “did that thing” have changed; you’ve grown; the context is different.
So, I was thinking about our Tricks of the Trade from three years ago and figured I would give them a quick look-see to see how my perspective has changed – if it has.
What’s really strange is the article I went to actually mentions The Slight Edge. I reviewed the article again to see if I still feel the same way. I suppose it’s good news that I still feel the same way as I did when I wrote the original article, and I thought it couldn’t hurt to share it again.
So, here’s an oldie, but a goodie.
Read This: “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson
Stay Productive Without Getting Overwhelmed.
I read this book cover to cover in just a couple of days. It’s been a few years since I read it, but it always stands out as one that I recommend to anyone that wants to continue to achieve. Whether you own a small business (like a podiatry practice or a device company), it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the things you should be doing.
The Slight Edge provides practical/doable advice to help you set your goals and break down the activities that must take place to achieve those goals – step by step. By doing a little bit every single day, you will see big changes over time. There’s no need to do everything in one day, one week, one month, or even one year.
Do one action item every single day and the result will show itself!