A 4th generation family of foot specialists since 1885, The PediFix Footcare Company is committed to advancing the standard of care for the management of diabetic foot ulcers and common plantar pathologies.
The firm is introducing a new offloading insole that fits and functions in patient’s everyday footwear, with the proven pressure and shear reduction benefits of the ‘removable bottom pegs’ offloading system clinicians are familiar with.
PressureOFF™ Customizable Offloading Insoles reduce pressure and friction to relieve pain and speed healing — without the need for walking boots, post-op, or orthopedic shoes patients frequently reject.
“They provide discrete, convenient, targeted offloading that allows your patients to quickly get back to their active lives, in the comfort of their favorite footwear”, says Jon Case, president of the longtime podiatry industry supporter and great grandson of company founder Heinrich Berkemann.
Unloading plantar surfaces of an insole is known to reduce vertical pressure and horizontal shear forces that cause pain, can lead to skin breakdown, ulceration, and delayed wound healing.
“They help prevent and relieve most any plantar pathology — stubborn calluses, corns, prominences, lesions, IPKs, metatarsalgia, fat pad atrophy, protect surgical sites and other conditions that respond well to mitigation of peak pressure, too. But we expect these patented insoles will be most beneficial to diabetics, saving limbs and lives because they offload effectively and conveniently in shoes those patients are more likely to wear – their own.”
“It’s amazing how much offloading we can achieve with these within the confines of the patient’s footwear” says Dr. Tim Short of Ochsner Health in New Orleans, and early advocate. “We can unload diabetic hot spots, ulcers, and ulcers in remission effectively, without insisting the patient wear specialized foot gear, which, realistically, many are non-compliant with, and others have trouble ambulating safely in”.
Click here to watch recent educational webinar from Dr. Short.
The removable pegs insole concept was previously available only for post-op shoes and walking boots. PressureOFF™ Insoles are the first to reflect their reengineering to fit and function effectively in everyday patient footwear.
  • Removable plantar pegs unload targeted areas – the patient walks on the unloaded insole top
  • Offload sore spots to reduce pressure, horizontal shear forces and pain
  • Reduce friction to minimize skin breakdown due to repetitive micro trauma
  • Distribute pressure away from sensitive areas
  • Proven to help prevent, relieve, and promote healing of plantar pathologies
“I’ll use these to treat a variety of conditions more effectively, and with higher patient acceptance than other offloading options” says John Powers, DPM. “My patients like the convenience of an offloading insole they can wear in their own shoes. And I like the results of them being compliant. By reducing peak pressure and friction we’re seeing faster healing, shrinking wound size, and fewer complications”.
“Many of my patients benefit from offloading, and these insoles make it easy and economical to provide them with a customized device that targets their specific pathology” according to Dr. Short. “I’ve used them successfully for Plantar Fasciitis, too” he notes. “The removable peg design makes it easy to customize these for my patients in seconds, instead of taking much more time to hand-make a similar device from raw materials. Even my best homemade insoles are nowhere near as effective as these.”
Different designs are available, the most protective being a 9.0mm PressureOFF™ Insole with 6.0mm offloading pegs. A wide version is best for patients with forefoot deformities or obesity. Thinner styles with Retachable™ pegs are available with your choice of a Poron® or Plastazote® top layer (depending on the condition of the patient’s skin). A super soft version with multiple Plastazote® top layers for extra foot cushioning completes the introductory range.
In addition to removing pegs from the bottom of the insoles to offload sore spots, self-adhering Metatarsal, Arch, Dancer’s, and U-shaped heel pads are quickly and easily adhered to the insole top, for even more offloading effect. “The combination of plantar and dorsal offloading is really effective, even in the limited space of everyday footwear” says Dr. Short.
As background, many clinicians and patients are familiar with a similarly designed offloading insole available only for post-op shoes and walking boots. PressureOFF™ insoles make the targeted offloading advantage convenient for patients to wear in their own shoes instead, boosting compliance, according to Case.
“Patients are more compliant with this offloading treatment modality than any other I’ve tried” remarks Dr. Short.
“We’re known for developing innovative products that improve the standard of care for foot and digital deformities” Case adds, “now we’re doing the same for diabetic foot ulcers and plantar pathologies” “We believe PressureOFF Insoles will be a game-changer in improving our care of patients with DFUs.