Most people think that when a new patient calls to make an appointment their marketing job is done. I say it’s only just begun!
We all know that the rate of patients not showing up for an appointment is higher now than ever. Engaging with new patients after they’ve set the appointment will increase the chances of them keeping the appointment.
The two mediums I use most for this are Email and Texting.
Since nowadays it’s hard for someone to miss a text, this medium is the one I prefer. Since videos are viewed at a higher rate than written copy, I use this method mainly.
You can simply create a single welcoming message using your iPhone that can be used for all patients. Don’t overthink it, create a one-minute script, turn the phone around and speak from the heart.
Once that patient does arrive, your NEXT marketing job consists of choreographing and delivering a Five-Star Experience. Don’t think for a second that patient is coming back if their visit is less than pleasant. It’s important that your team knows specifically what a 5-Star Experience means to you. We talk about this in EVERY monthly team meeting.
How about after their first visit sending them a Welcome Letter thanking them for choosing you and including something of interest to them. Direct mail is more impactful now than ever because most businesses have converted to 100% digital in their patient communications.
I could go on and on in terms of marketing strategies you could consider for each new patient but the main point is… just because someone schedules an appointment, doesn’t mean your marketing should end. A welcome text and/or email and is even more important if your new patient no-show rate is higher than you would like.
It can take 3-7 touch-points with a patient to really connect them to your business; where it would take something unusual for them to leave. Connecting with your patients consistently through texting, email and direct mail will easily differentiate your business from most other businesses your patients patronize.
This is one way to turn a satisfied patient into a loyal one. A loyal patient keeps coming back and has a greater chance of making referrals to you.
Remember, the best marketing system consists of executing marketing tactics before the patient arrives, during their visit and after you’ve discharged them.
Doing anything less than these things means there are holes in your marketing funnel. Creating a system like this is part of building marketing assets that keep your phone ringing and the cash register humming. It takes a lot to get people to schedule an appointment in the first place, dropping the ball on engaging with them throughout your journey is like throwing money away.
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